What we do as your listing agents




  1. Search comparable properties and evaluate for amenities and upgrades.
  2. Physically see the active comparables and stay informed of any new listings or sales that might affect the value on your home.
  3. Check on recent Sold’s & Pending’s to understand the terms of the sale and if the sold price reflected any concessions.
  4. Prepare market analysis and counsel with seller on strategic                                pricing.


It is important to understand that the agents or the seller does not dictate the price.  Real Estate value is dictated by the current market conditions and by the buyers. Buyers buy by comparison and it is very important to know and understand the competition in the immediate market place.  It is also crucial to track the market for slight up’s and downs.



Data gathering:


  1. Order county information on the property and verify ownership, legal description and CC& R’s
  2. Measure home for room dimensions and square footage.
  3. Look into local facilities: Schools, parks, recreation centers, churches etc.
  4. Order and understand all HOA data
  5. Call Home Owners Association and get necessary information and paperwork for the transfer.
  6. Gather and understand all surrounding neighborhood information





  1. Counsel with sellers about necessary home improvements and repairs.
  2. Help seller arrange for all repairs
  3. Counsel with sellers about staging the home to show in the best possible light.  (Arrange for staging if necessary.)
  4. Prepare all necessary forms and disclosures for seller’s signatures.
  5. Take photos at high resolution. Copy in low resolution for the web.






  1. Prepare marketing plan with input date, broker open date, 1st open etc and evaluate target market.
  2. Enter complete listing into RMLS site and into Hasson site with 16 color photos.  (This is the most effective advertising and should be complete, accurate and appealing)

     3.  Prepare color flyer with high resolution photos

4.  Download low resolution photos to all affiliated sites

5.  Sign, lockbox and booties to property.

     6.  Submit advertising to Brokers tour sheets for Brokers Open.

     7.  Email flyer advertising Brokers Open to all Brokers in the area

     8.  Broker’s Open luncheon.

     9.  Send out advertising Postcards to target market

    10.  Sunday Open House



Follow Up:


  1. Read lockbox data and e-mail each agent for feedback and questions
  2. Send seller feedback received on each showing.
  3. Follow up with each agent when there have been any modifications to the listing.


The Offer:


We subscribe to DocuSign, thus allowing for signatures on all documents remotely, wherever you are via your phone, Ipad or PC  This is a huge timesaver for you and ensures that we meet all time deadlines accurately


  1. Evaluate offer based on price, strength of borrower and potential downfalls.  Advise and counsel seller.
  2. Make contact with buyer’s lender to evaluate any potential problem areas.
  3. Process Earnest Money Agreement and set up Escrow.
  4. Follow up with Escrow to confirm earnest money deposit.
  5. Order the home warranty
  6. Prepare sellers and home for the inspection.
  7. Evaluate & negotiate Inspection report and Inspection addendum
  8. Help sellers find appropriate repair people for necessary repairs and co-ordinate the repairs.
  9. Co-ordinate the closing papers and signing of documents

    10.  Prepare to hand over the keys and manuals


 We hope to make this experience of selling your home a pleasant one and plan on giving you the highest quality of service that your money can buy.

Our experience coupled with the fact that you are getting 2 agents for the price of one, will serve you well.


Thanks for the opportunity,

Leo Jacobs and Anita Singh Cardoso